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School Council

The school council meets on a regular basis and comprises two elected pupils per class (Y2-Y6).  

During these meetings a wide range of agenda items are discussed.  The class representatives also discuss views and suggestions from their class.  

Previous projects have included charity fund raising, provision of playground equipment and enterprise schemes. The council have also visited City Hall in London to see democracy in action.

Elected School Council Members 2018-19

Year 2 Magpie : Mia S and Zane G

Year 2 Owls: Daisy E and Lucas O

Year 3: Evie-Rose T and Billy R

Year 4 Elm: Brooke M and Jack H

Year 4 Rowan: Joshua S and Hope K

Year 5: Sophie F and David F

Year 6: Caleb T and Evelina J