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Our Vision

Our vision statement

Our vision for every child is that they shall know “life in all its fullness” (John 10:10).

We educate the whole person so that they shall embody and understand our deeply Christian approach to delivering an outstanding education with excellence in all areas at its core.

We nurture in them a love of learning as we develop knowledge, skills, wisdom and a confident determination to achieve. We prepare them for future life in the community as citizens filled with hope and aspiration, able to overcome bad experiences and take every opportunity to flourish. We foster within them respect and a belief in others and themselves and the love of God to ensure that human dignity is valued.

Chair of Governors

At St Paul’s Cray CE Primary School, our unwavering commitment to ‘Excellence for All’ within a caring, Christian environment, is at the core of all we do.

We work hard to ensure that our provision develops the whole child; their very best attainment and progress alongside their spiritual, moral, social and cultural well-being. We are a family at the heart of our community with Christian Values at our centre. We pride ourselves on delivering an exciting curriculum which is fully inclusive and which celebrates the social and cultural diversity of our community. We believe passionately that, by providing our pupils with the very best opportunities that we can, every child will be as fully prepared as possible to take their place in the world in which they live.

Our motto “Aspire, Believe, Learn, Achieve” encompasses the essence of all that we do;

Aspire to be all that you can be

Believe in yourself, those around you and that God loves you

Learn to make the most of every opportunity; through hard work and enjoyment

Achieve excellence in all that you do

Head of School Mrs Elizabeth Bennett