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Creativity Days

Autumn 1  2019 Music Creativity Day

In the morning, pupils learnt and took part in a rhythm activity which was then performed as a whole school.  They also had the chance to explore music through art.  In the afternoon KS1 pupils attended a drumming workshop and some KS2 pupils took part in a guitar workshop.  The day closed with an interactive drumming assembly for the whole school.  
During the day pupils thought of ways of making music with everyday objects and began to explore making their own music. 

Key Statistics  from Pupil Voice  about Music Creativity Day Autumn 1 2019

-      85% of children said that they would like to do another event day in school

-          75% of children said they enjoyed the music day

-          79% of children said they learned something new on music day


Some key quotes:

- “I learned that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make music.”

- “I learned that you can use anything to make music.”

- “I learned about rhythm, tone and melody.”

- “I enjoyed learning a new instrument.”

There were lots of “I had such a good day” and “today was the best” from children having spoken to them on the day.